55+ Memberships

Activ8 is home to a thriving community of motivated members aged over 55 who all benefit from a wide range of activities. Activ8’s facilities are located within Tees Active leisure centres and many find this friendly and relaxed atmosphere the perfect environment to exercise, socialise and enjoy their leisure time. There is a range of exclusive over 55 fitness classes that are suited to more mature members that are low intensity and accessible by all abilities. Classes include Active +, 50+, Pilates, Tai Chi and a number of aqua classes that are an ideal form of exercise for those who may have mobility or joint issues.

Over 55’s can also enjoy access to a range of other activities at a reduced rate including, squash, badminton and indoor bowls. Activ8 really is so much more than a gym; it is the perfect companion to support your active lifestyle.

What's Included

  • Free gym induction
  • Tailored fitness plan with ongoing updates
  • Wide range of exclusive 50+ fitness classes
  • Unlimited swimming included with membership
  • Use of early morning, adult only and ladies only swim sessions
  • Unlimited fitness class access
  • Multi-club gym access during off-peak times (peak times are: Monday - Friday 4:00pm - 8:00pm)
£20.99 Per Month Price based on a 12 month committed membership (month to month membership £27.99)
"I visit Billingham Forum three times a week and enjoy a range of activities including Aquafit and Pilates" Helen, Billingham
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Swimming for all abilities

Swimming is one of the most accessible and enjoyable forms of exercise that targets every muscle group in your body. Swimming is also fantastic for relaxing and general wellbeing. The soothing feeling of taking a dip is something that never goes away and research shows that swimming can reduce your stress levels and reduce anxiety and depression. It sounds like nature’s wonder drug!

Water also supports around 90% of the body’s weight, so if you have an injury, suffer from join pain or have poor mobility, swimming is by far the best way to stay active and improve your fitness levels. Although you are almost weightless in water, the resistance of the water makes your body work even harder, so 30 minutes in the pool is worth 45 minutes of the same exercise on land. Activ8 offer an assortment of aqua based classes including Aquafit, Aqua Zumba and Active+ Aquafit. These classes are hugely popular and have a friendly bunch of regulars who make each class fun and energetic.

Exclusive Over 55’s Fitness Classes

Our 50+ gentle exercise classes are tailor made to help you become fitter, increase your vitality and improve confidence. Regular attendance will improve your flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. You can attend any fitness classes.


Your Over 55’s membership gets you access to all Activ8 Health & Fitness Clubs. You can attend during off-peak times (anything outside of Monday – Friday 4pm-8pm). If you’re not the most confident or having been in a gym setting before, this is a great opportunity to build confidence.

Alternative Leisure Activities

At Thornaby Pavilion there is an indoor bowling green, a popular activity for those who are 55+. Becoming an Activ8 member gets you access to many leisure activities at discounted rates. Thornaby Pavilion also plays host to many Club 55 activities such as Tai Chi and Archery, all of which are free!


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