The FIRST Group Cycle™ Connect providers in the UK!

A connected, interactive and immersive indoor cycling experience available in all Activ8 clubs!

Discover a new kind of group riding experience brought to you by our amazing fitness instructors. Group Cycle™ Connect Peak is perfect for those who love performance training, adapted challenges and entertainment, the class highlights key workout metrics to always keep you in your peak training zone. All this combined with great music and effects too! Also available as a virtual fitness class.  Check out the video below.


Group Cycle Connect is all about working within different zones throughout the class enabling you to really push yourself and also recover! You will be prompted on screen and by your instructor on when to adapt your pace. Training this way will help you to improve your overall fitness most effectively. Take a look at the different training zones below.


How to add an estimated FTP test

Before carrying out an FTP test, we advise adding an estimation to your profile, just so you have a starting point to work from in case you can’t finish an FTP test before visiting the class. If you have any further questions just ask one of our friendly instructors.


More Information About Group Cycle Connect

The revolutionary Group Cycle™ Connect bikes are powered by the rider’s motion through an innovative battery-free system that accurately tracks heart rate, calories, and much more, that are displayed directly on the bike’s console for you to see and track throughout your workout.

Group Cycle™ Connect enables our trainers to customise each class, driving peak performance through a series of on screen prompts to keep you motivated at all times!

CONTROL CONSOLE – The new self-powered Console is powered by the rider’s motion through an innovative battery-free system connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its LCD display is fully enclosed within a splash-proof casing to keep moisture out, and is LED-backlit, ensuring high-contrast visibility to the user, even in dark gym environments. The console also provides a continuous heart rate reading from a Bluetooth Smart heart rate chest strap.

ACCURATE DATA TRACKING – Group Cycle™ Connect provides scientific tracking of the power output (watts) with a +/- 2% accuracy, enabling riders to track the most accurate fitness data available to them. This includes heart rate, elapsed time, speed, calorie consumption, distance covered, maximum cadence and maximum power reached, and total MOVEs. Riders can easily log-into their personal profiles through the Activ8 app account to track performance and compare results over time.

EASY SETTINGS – Group Cycle™ Connect easy to use, patent pending ‘On-The-Fly Settings’ enable four-way adjustments in ride with one simple touch providing optimal cycling positions for all riders. The flywheel resistance system is equipped with a magnetic resistance knob that displays intuitive graphics and provides tactile feedback every 45° as riders make adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy and precise. The selected resistance level is displayed on the Console. This can all be adjusted as the riders’ exercise on the bike so it doesn’t disrupt their ride.

NATURAL FEELING – Group Cycle™ Connect provides the smoothest and most consistent ride replicating an outdoor road bike feel due to the reduced Q factor, frictionless poly v-belt and calibration free power readout. Group Cycle™ Connect is available in yellow and light grey each with a splash-proof frame casing.

“It’s a great class and the instructors are brilliant as always. I really like how I can track my performance and compare results over time.!”


Jane, Billingham Forum

“I really enjoy going to Group Cycle Connect classes. It really pushes me to my limits but that is what it is all about!”


Paul, IB Leisure

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