How To Stay Active While You’re At Home

We’re all now spending a lot more time at home and that means many of us are thinking about how we can get, or stay, active.

Official advice is stay at home, and to only go outside for one form of exercise a day, to shop for basic necessities, if there’s a medical reason and travelling to and from essential work.

This inevitably means all our routines are changing.

But staying active is more important than ever right now, and even if you’re mostly in your house, there are plenty of ways you can still do so.

Two women do yoga at home in their living room

To help, we’ve compiled into one place some of the most handy exercise ideas that are out there for keeping active in and around your home.

Remember to check government advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.

Exercising at Home

With gyms across the country currently closed in response to government announcements, you can bring the gym into your own home.

We have created a free online fitness package for everyone to help keep their fitness going through this difficult time. The online package includes home workouts from our Health & Fitness Advisors, access to Les Mills on Demand fitness classes and Technogym Mywellness App workouts.

Getting Outside

In any given day, you can still go outside for one form of exercise, such as a walk, a run or a cycle, if you’re well enough and as long as you’re on your own, or with members of your household. Please always follow the latest official advice on social distancing – which means staying more than two metres from others – and follow the advice on general hygiene. It’s important that you stick stringently to the guidance.

If you’re going outside to get fresh air and to get active, you should do so locally, staying close to your home and avoiding places where it may be hard to follow the guidelines.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active, if you have some space and are able to follow the government guidelines on social distancing.