Mary’s Activ8 Story

Read Mary’s Activ8 story!

“It’s coming up 2 year I’ve been a member of Activ8. I started because my friend has been coming to this gym for about 5 or 6 years. So when I retired that’s when I started to come, because I worked nights so didn’t fit in with my schedule. It’s very good, it’s a lovely gym as you don’t feel as if you’re coming in and you think ‘oh god’ you know intimidated it’s nothing at all like that, the people are very friendly and I’ve made quite a few friends in here. The trainers are brilliant, no matter what you ask them to do, if they can’t help you at that moment they will always come back and help you out, they are very, very down to earth as all the people are here.

Yes I am looking forward to the new equipment, I use the treadmill, the bike, the cross trainer then I head downstairs to use a few bits of the strength equipment, so yes it would be nice to see some new pieces of equipment.”