The live streaming and on demand service is intended for the individual only, with all available content suitable for those aged 16+ years (Body Pump 18+ years). Please read the information on this page prior to taking part in live streaming and on demand workouts.

Class Preparation and Environment.

Please be aware that whilst you are exercising in an environment outside of our facilities, some factors remain the same whist others are very different.

The main points to consider before taking part in one of our classes are:

1. Please dress appropriately for the activity:

Comfortable, unrestrictive clothes that are suitable for the exercises in question.

Non-slip footwear that is suitable for the activity and surface you will be exercising on.

2. Please ensure that you are fueled and hydrated, with a means of hydration close at hand during the class duration.

3. The home environment differs substantially from the purpose built facilities that Tees Active offer. Therefore please consider:

The surface you will be exercising on – Is it suitable in terms of grip and stability?

The surrounding floor area – is it large enough for the exercises and free from potential trips, slips or falls? This includes children and animals who may unknowingly wander into your designated workout space.

Surrounding space – Have you got the freedom to move with little or no chance of making contact with items of furniture, walls or doors?

Ceiling height – Have you got the space to perform all exercises and little or no chance of making contact with the ceiling and/or fittings?

Ambient temperature – Home temperature tends to be warmer than Leisure Centres. Is the exercise space cool enough for the level of exertion you will be undertaking, and is there suitable fresh air/ventilation for you?

 If you have any questions or health conditions that you need to make us aware that of before taking part in any exercise, please email and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss this with you and advise accordingly.

Health Commitment Statement

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