Routine Twenty18: Swimming

Make a new routine in 2018.

Make the most of your Activ8 gym membership in 2018 and utilise all the available gym equipment, the wide variety of cardio based and strength based fitness classes and well as swimming pools.

Today’s focus is all about adding swimming to your routine

Why you should make swimming part of your weekly routine?

There are so many reasons why you should make swimming part of your routine in 2018. We have highlighted the key reason why you need to add it to your weekly workout:

Build and strengthen muscle all over body

When you swim, you use your arms, core, back and legs to move you through the water. Every muscle group in each of these body parts is being used, which makes swimming pretty much a full body workout. Water resistance causes your muscles to work harder and along with the prolonged repetition of swimming strokes, creates a workout that tones and shapes your muscles.

High calorie consumption

30 minutes of breastroke can burn up to 367 calories. Compare this to 30 minuted of jogging which burns up to 300 calories and 30 minutes of gentle cycling which burns up to 107.

Weight Loss

You lose weight by simply burning more calories than you consume. So combined with a healthy balanced diet, regular swimming is one of the most efficient ways of losing weight compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Helps mental state, reduces stress

Performing any kid of exercise for a sustained period of time releases the hormone endorphin into the the bloodstream. Endorphin is a chemical and once it reaches the brand, can cause to to feel happy, improving your state of mind, releiving your stress and all round making you feel good

Strengthens joints and aids mobility

When your body is in the water and you try and perform any type of movement, it feels like you are moving in slow motion. This is due to water molecules being closer together compared to air molecules causing buoyancy . This buoyancy supports your body weight whilst you are in the water meaning you can perform moments that you aren’t able to do on the land.  People with joint mobility problems often in the knee or hip can use this to strengthen the muscles around those areas because their body is supported with the water, putting less strain on their joints but also taking part in a solid resistance workout with the stress.

This strengthening of the muscles around your joints will ultimately allow you to have more range of movement and allow you to become more flexible.

Cuts risk of chronic illness

Regular aerobic exercise will reduce your chance of developing chronic illness such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.