Shape It Weight Loss Graduate Story from Debbie

“I started the Shape it Weight loss programme in January this year after trying to lose weight for many years using various different calorie counting diets and apps. This programme has been the best thing I’ve ever done and really has changed my life.

So far I’ve managed to lose 1stone 2lbs so not only have I lost the weight I so desperately wanted to, giving me body confidence once again, but this programme has taught me how to eat properly balancing my food groups so that it has a positive impact on helping me sustain my weight loss. It’s given me the insight and understanding of how eating better choosing healthy options really does make a difference. I have a brand new mind set around my eating and it was so easy to do.

The weekly group helps give support and advice and everyone shares their own experiences, offering one another tips and support, and the weekly weigh in is fab when you see the work paying off. Not only that but the exercise class as part of the programme helps, not just with fitness for the day but also by giving very useful techniques and exercises you can incorporate into your daily routines to give equal balance alongside your meal plans.

I have found this programme so easy to follow and stick to, the meals are all based around my own food preferences and I’ve actually tried foods I never thought I would, and enjoyed them. I’m a lot more focused on my fitness too and this has become part of my everyday life now. The changes I’ve made have been for the better and I know I can continue on this path plus I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing it along the way which is always a bonus.”

Debbie is on her second cycle of the course at Billingham Forum an dis absolutely smashing it! We also do our courses at Splash and Thornaby Pavilion. Enquire today!