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A hugely popular activity that everyone can enjoy whatever their age age or ability. Not only is it accessible and affordable, it is also one of the greatest ways to maintain a healthy weight, look after your heart and lungs, relieve tension and get a whole body workout at the same time – perfect for your overall health and fitness!

Some of us have a lifelong passion for swimming from an early age, whilst others can often discover their thirst later in life due to the breadth of health benefits associated with taking part. Whatever your reason for swimming is, Stockton-on-Tees is home to 4 conveniently located pools offering a variety of sessions, including adult only swims and adult swimming lessons to keep you happy, active and feeling revitalised.

Swimming Timetable


From Monday 4th April members who fail to attend or don’t check in for their sessions will have their account frozen with a small charge applied. The account will be frozen until this charge is paid.


Popular Adult Sessions

We have lots of sessions across the week that are naturally more suited to adults. Take a look below.

Early Bird

The early bird catches the worm! Clear your headspace and start your morning with a refreshing swim to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Lunchtime Swim

Keep fit during your lunch hour, with the added incentive of a reduced price. Lanes are usually available at these times.

Lane Swimming

Lane swimming is the perfect way to improve fitness. Our lane sessions also offer a range of swimming aids for you to use to help you get the most out of your aquatic workout.

Adult Only

A session exclusive to adults meaning no under 16's will be present. Lanes are often available at these sessions too.

“The NHS recommends swimming as an impact free and hugely beneficial way to stay in shape and keep healthy

Improved Mobility & Flexibility

Reduces impact on bones and joints, and the range of motion lengthens the muscles to make joints more flexible.

Healthy Heart

Supports and sustains a healthy heart.

Full Body Workout

Provides a full body workout that builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Improved Sleep

The calming sensation can reduce stress and improve your sleep pattern.

Low Risk

Is the only sport that is completely non weight-bearing, meaning the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

4 Swimming Pools in Convenient Locations

Activ8 members can enjoy unlimited access to all 4 swimming pools as well as access to 4 gyms and a huge range of fitness classes.

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