Group Cycle™ Connect is the revolutionary new group cycle experience brought to us by industry giants Technogym which is available in all Activ8 clubs!

Group Cycle™ Connect offers riders an immersive, connected and interactive cycling experience tailored to each individual. In this class you will work within the zones below by following the on screen prompts and guidance from the coach. Training this way will help you to improve your overall fitness most effectively.

The revolutionary Group Cycle™ Connect bikes are powered by the rider’s motion through an innovative battery-free system that accurately tracks heart rate, calories, and much more, that are displayed directly on the bike’s console for you to see and track throughout your workout.

Group Cycle™ Connect enables our trainers to customise each class, driving peak performance through a series of on screen prompts to keep you motivated at all times!

As the only providers of Group Cycle™ Connect in the UK, our members are taking part in a very unique cycling experience that can’t be found elsewhere!

Find out more about Group Cycle™ Connect, the FTP tests you need to do to get accurate workouts and our classes here.

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