The new year is a good time to build motivation and focus on becoming fitter and healthier, but that initial drive can lessen over time so here are some ways to help you reach your fitness goals.


1. Set realistic goals

When setting your fitness goals a common theme is to throw yourself in at the deep end with your end goal. Your end goal could be ‘to lose 5 stone’ or ‘run a marathon,’ which in many cases will take months or years to reach.

Break down your end goal into smaller goals each month. For example, ‘lose 2lbs’ or ‘run 2km further than the previous month.’ These changes will gradually get you towards your end outcome goal whilst keeping your motivation high.

2. Educate yourself

If you’re unsure on how to reach one of your goals, find someone who does. Our fitness advisors are always on hand to help you find your feet whether you need some advice on equipment or you would like a fitness programme putting together. We also offer a personal training service too which is a great way to achieve quicker and better results.

Be aware of the impact injuries can have on your fitness goals. Speak to one of our personal trainers to advise you on setting realistic goals and get tips on how to perform exercises with good form so you can reduce the risk of any injuries.

3. Understand that motivation fluctuates

You’ve set yourself a new goal, and you’ve done your first workout or eaten your first healthy meal. Motivation is high. After your first day of this new routine, you may tell yourself, “This is easy”. Then day two comes and suddenly that biscuit looks awfully tempting, “Only one won’t hurt, right?”.

Accept that your motivation will fluctuate and that it’s more than likely your new routine won’t always go perfectly to plan. This is fine, don’t beat yourself up or fall off the bandwagon, keep mainly consistent with your new routine and you’ll begin to see great results.

4. Be accountable

You can either be accountable to yourself or someone else. If you’re not as self-motivated, tell a friend or family member what your goal is. Check in with them regularly to keep yourself on track.

5. Reward yourself

It’s important to celebrate your successes and reward your hard work. Remember you’ve made some big changes to your life and routine. So celebrate each kg that comes off your weight, or every extra mile you run. Besides, a glass of wine every now and then never hurt anyone!

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