At Activ8 we offer a range of virtual Les Mills classes as well as Technogym’s virtual Group Cycle Connect, in addition to our extensive live fitness programme allowing us to offer a variety of times, durations and diversity of classes!

Les Mills virtual workouts combine their world-leading fitness programs with the hottest instructors on the planet brought to you on the big screen in our studios. Take a look at the Les Mills Virtual teaser below to see what’s in store for you.

Only pay monthly and annual members can access our Les Mills virtual classes. As with live Les Mills classes there are age restrictions for virtual classes and due to the intensity and complex nature of the programs, we have not opened classes up to junior members. All of the Les Mills virtual classes are open to members who are 16+ except: BodyPump, GRIT Strength & GRIT Athletic which are 18+. We do advise all members to take part in a live, instructor led Les Mills class before taking part in a virtual class. If you have any questions about our virtual classes please see our FAQ’s here.

Take a look below to see what virtual classes you would like to try and book using the timetable above.