LES MILLS™ BORN TO MOVE™ is the latest addition to the Activ8 Health & Fitness class timetable and we couldn’t be more excited!

These revolutionary fitness classes for children aged 4-6 and 6-10 years have been specifically designed to nurture a life-long love of physical activity, these fitness classes help children experience the joy of moving to music. Each session feeds young people’s natural appetite for action, movement and play and lets them enjoy the energy, confidence, good health and increased ability that comes with leading an active lifestyle!

With LES MILLS™ BORN TO MOVE™ courses starting this autumn at Billingham Forum, IB Leisure and Stockton Splash, our instructors can’t wait to welcome children across the Borough into our LES MILLS™ family!



– LES MILLS™ BORN TO MOVE™ classes have been optimized for the core developmental stages of children!

– They’re FUN.

– They focus on nurturing a real sense of inclusion and achievement, so everyone feels they belong.

– They use the music children love to help them learn core building block skills that have been expertly approved to align with stages of development.

– Children’s confidence grows with every session.

– Classes push young people to experience the full extent of their ability while being safe for their age group.

Find out more about our LES MILLS™ BORN TO MOVE™ courses and secure your child’s space HERE.

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