12 – 27 March 2024

Let’s Move For a Better World

Here at Activ8, we’re excited to be taking part in Technogym’s global campaign challenge to help build a better, healthier and more active community in a bid to fight physical inactivity and obesity but ultimately to get…more people to move more! Plus we have plenty of prizes up for grabs!

For a chance to win a range of great prizes join the challenge and get moving. Open up or download the Activ8 Fitness App or find out more below.

What Does the Campaign Challenge Involve?

Between 12 – 27 March we want you to collect as many MOVEs as possible for a chance to win a range of great prizes! MOVEs basically measure how active you are – they are a unit of measurement for assessing your lifestyle, based on the physical activity you engage in, regardless of your gender, age or fitness level. Any of your actions that involve movement will be accurately tracked and monitored through the Activ8 Fitness App. To give you a better understanding of how MOVEs work, here are a few simple examples:

1. Five flights of stairs are considered to be 50 MOVEs | 2. A 30 minute walk is equivalent to 200 MOVEs | 3. A 30 minute run/cycle would be 400 MOVEs!

To join the challenge download the Activ8 Fitness App

How do I Get Involved and Join the Campaign Challenge?

Simply open up or download the Activ8 Fitness App from the above buttons. Open the App and scroll to find the Let’s Move for a Better World 2024 challenge tile. Click join the challenge. You will now be able to see the challenge in the My Movement tab (circled in red below).


For anyone who gains  3500+ moves they will be entered into a prize draw to win the below.

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each fitness club.

How do you Collect MOVEs?

MOVEs from any activity inside the facility can be collected during workouts on cardio and strength equipment by connecting your device or from gym floor/fitness classes/outdoor activities tracked through GPS with 3rd party apps thanks to heart rate devices. Watch the video below to find out more.

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