Members Get Moving For The Let’s Move For A Better World Campaign

Almost 200 members across four of Activ8 Health & Fitness’s clubs took part in the global Technogym Let’s Move For A Better World Challenge.

The challenge ran from 12th – 27th March 2024 during which time Activ8 members competed against each other to try and clock up the highest number of MOVEs. MOVEs are a measure of physical activity that has been created by Technogym to give everyone the same chance and opportunity, irrespective of age, sex, and level of physical ability. The main objective of the campaign was to help build a healthier and more active community in a bid to fight physical inactivity and obesity but ultimately to get…more people to move more!

During the challenge, individual members logged into their Activ8 app account on Activ8’s Technogym equipment to track their workouts and document their MOVEs. Each participant’s MOVEs were then automatically added to their grand total. In total across the clubs several hundreds of thousands of MOVEs were collected which is a fantastic achievement.

For every challenge participant who gained over 3500 MOVEs; they were put into a prize draw. Each fitness club had 3 prize draw winners with the top prize being an OH1 heart rate monitor.

Gail McKenna, Health & Wellbeing Manager said:

“Activ8 Health & Fitness is passionate about inspiring people to embrace a more active lifestyle, so we jumped at the chance to join the challenge. The beauty of the challenge was that it didn’t matter the age or fitness level of our members and anyone could join in and have an equal chance of winning.”

“Although it was a global challenge, it was great to see a little bit of local friendly rivalry between our members as they competed against each other to gain MOVEs.”

“Thank you to everyone who joined the challenge. It was an amazing achievement and I hope it helped all those who took part to build up their own fitness level in a fun and interactive way.”

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