Sauna & Steam Suites at Billingham Forum & IB Leisure

IB Leisure’s sauna & steam suite is open, Billingham Forum’s reopens on Monday 2nd August. Bookings can be made here.

Need somewhere to wind down after a busy day? Had a hard session in the gym?

Our Sauna & Steam suite is the perfect place to chill out, relax and escape. Regular use of the facilities will leave you with an increased feeling of well-being, as well as restoring balance to both mind and body. As well as our Sauna & Steam rooms we also have a relaxation area where you lounge to your hearts content! Read a book or magazine and have some time to yourself or just to cool down between your Sauna & Steam.

Privilege Activ8 members can enjoy the luxury of the Sauna & Steam Suite as part of their gym membership at no extra cost. Sauna & Steam Suite is cleared at the end of each session to allow for cleaning/preparation of next session. Customers are instructed to wear bathing costumes at all times in this area & provide their own toilet & shower accessories.

Please check the timetable and book here.

Operational information: The sauna operates at a temperature of 80-90 degrees centigrade. Ensure that this is comfortable for you.

Sauna & Steam Room User Guide:

The management reserve the right to ask users to leave the Sauna & Steam Suite if they exhibit behaviour that is believed to be unsafe or inappropriate, with or without refund of payment.

Potential hazards:

You should not use the Sauna & Steam Suite facilities if you: